Travel information Malaga - The Costa del Sol

The magical Mediterranean coast line of Andalucia Southern Spain

The temperature in winter can average 18 Celsius and never falls below 12, no place  in Europe can offer the same combination of winter climate, culture, entertainment and sport.

Apart from the usual Mediterranean water sports, the Costa del Sol offers some of the world's finest golf courses, or for those who like  cooler pursuits, you can combine a worthwhile winter sight-seeing trip to Granada and Ski in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada.

The Costa del Sol region, is served by Malaga Airport, it has one of Europe's newest air terminals, with a magnificent departure lounge, from this grand building you will see flight destinations, to most parts of the globe. There is no shortage of facilities, to include a railway terminal, offering  extremely cheap train fares to the coast, you will also find a host of local car rentals offering car hire at prices, far lower than found in northern Europe.

The nearest town to the airport is the wonderful historic capitol of the region, Malaga, just a few miles west is the resort of Torremolinos, made famous in the sixties, by the package holiday companies. Most independent travelers  find themselves going west along the coastal auto route, where they will find places like Fuengirola, Mijas, or the Cannes of the Costa del Sol, Marbella. The more adventurous may continue further west towards Estepona and Algeciras, from here the road turns towards Cadiz and the cooler waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

For those who would like to visit a small piece of England and witness the strange sight of an English Policeman and a Safeway supermarket, somewhat out of place, facing the African continent, at the southern tip of Europe, try a visit to Gibraltar. While in the Costa del Sol, you only have to take a short drive north from the coast to find yourself in a world that seems untouched for centuries, places like Coin near Fuengirola or Monda, in the hills above Marbella, offer an insite to Spanish life which will leave people with a wonderful memory of traditional Spain.

If you seek a sense of history, culture, adventure, nice beaches, good food, excellent hotels, sport, or just peace and quiet, you can find it all on the Costa del Sol. It may well be, like huge numbers of northern Europeans, you will be tempted to buy real estate, while property prices are still low and it is predictable that real estate investments will rise over the next few years, as millions of European baby boomers seek retirement property, in what is the best climate in Europe.

Further as we enter a new age with the internet, it is clear many entrepreneurs will choose to run a business from this utopia, perhaps creating the foundation stone of a new European equivalent of silicon valley, in the sun of Southern Spain.

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